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The Reihm brothers began collaborating in 1980 in an attempt to build a super sweet tree house. They have been working on projects together ever since. For nearly a decade, the two co-owned a health marketing company that produced educational websites and print materials related to health and wellness. They have collaborated on the creation of many disease-related booklets and even a medical journal. Chad is in charge of science and research, while Tim handles editorial, marketing and graphic design. That strategy of collaboration continues with their newest project, the Fallen Trilogy.


This series is the brainchild of Chad, who envisioned writing a book that would take on the challenge of thinking through the roots of evil, the nature of free will, and the relationship between faith and science. They have finished the first book, are currently completing the initial draft of book two, and have mapped out the major plot points of the last book. They thank you for reading and hope that you are enriched by the experience.